Calendar of Events


October 19-20:  2019 Norfolk Study Tour 
                          led by Sumpter Priddy III
October 21:       Jay Robert Stiefel, “The Cabinetmaker’s                           Account: John Head’s Record of Craft and                               Commerce in Colonial Philadelphia, 1718-1753” 
November 18:   Emelie Gevalt, “Bidding for America: The Story of                                    the Legendary Reifsnyder Sale of 1929” 
December 15:   Alexandria Association Holiday Party, 
                              Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

January 20:          Calder Loth, “Lost Virginia” 
February 17:         Adam Erby and Lydia Mattice Brandt,
                                “John Gadsby Chapman’s Virginia Scenes                                                         Related to George Washington” 
March 16:             Zara Anishanslin, “A Portrait in Silk: Hidden                                 Histories of the British Atlantic World” 
April 20:                Jason T. Busch, “Self-Taught Genius: Highlights                                 and Discoveries of the American Folk Art                                 Museum in New York” 
***May 3: Spring Event Garden Party, Carlyle House Historic Park

May 18: Brock Jobe, “Sold: The Most Valuable Furniture Ever Offered at Auction” 

Oct. 1-4: Providence/Newport Study Tour led by Brock Jobe

***Spring is in the air, well almost. In the old tradition of the Alexandria Association, we will be having a Spring Event this year in conjunction with the Carlyle House in Alexandria. Sunday, May 3 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm there will be guided tours of the house and cocktails on the terrace. Watch for the announcement and sign up early for this limited attendance event.

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Alexandria Association Calendar 2019-2020